Chalk Painted Lamps

Today, I finished two lamps for The Quaint Nest booth.  They were both Goodwill finds.  I simply painted them with ASCP Old White.  I usually distress and wax my chalk paint pieces, but I liked how these looked with the chalky finish.

Here’s the before:

chalk paint lamps before

Here’s the after:

Chalk paint lamp 2      chalk painted lamp

I haven’t found a shade for the second one yet. As an informal experiment,  I am going to price it (and place it in my booth) without one.  The shade pictured above cost about ten dollars at Walmart. I’m afraid that will take quite a bite out of my margin….  The shades at my local thrift stores are a little “too” vintage to use.  It will be interesting to see whether the lamp without a shade (but with a lower price) sells first.

I’ll let you know…



One thought on “Chalk Painted Lamps

  1. I love how the lamps turned out! I don’t think it will do any harm at all to offer the one without a shade and in the meantime it will light up your space and draw people’s eyes toward it. There is another vendor in the mall I’m at who has at least 5 lamps and chandeliers at all times and it really makes her space pop!



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