Open for Business

I have moved into my tiny little antique booth.  If you are ever in Sunnyvale, Texas (just east of Dallas on Highway 80), I hope you will stop by.  The Quaint Nest (#170) is located inside the East Fork Mall.  There are lots of great things to see in all the booths!

Here’s a peek at how my booth looks so far:

The Quaint nest day 1The quaint nest sewingThe quaint nest redRoyal Typewriterthe quaint nest whiteThe quaint nest day 1 shelves

The bookcase in the last photo is marked “Not for sale-display only.” We found it a few days ago at Paul Michael in Canton.  I didn’t know I was looking for it, until I saw it.  It sets exactly the mood I was hoping my booth would have. I just love the milk glass pieces against the wallpaper background (hence this blog’s header….)

With this addition, there is actually more shelf space than I anticipated, so I’ll be adding some more small items tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by!


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2 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. Love the looks of your booth. I’ve been in the business for a number of years and believe me it will change its looks a lot over the years.


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